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Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED)

Equestrian Canada National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP)
How the new Equestrian NCCP equates to the Old Equestrian NCCP, and the Long Term Equestrian Development

Equestrian Canada English Rider Level 1 – 8 Evaluation Requirements and study guide.

Equestrian Canada English Rider Levels 9 – 10

Equestrian Canada NCCP Coach/Instructor Professional Development Activities

Concussion Guidelines for the Coach/Trainer

Rider Skill Development

Stages of Skill Development
Performance success for both horse and rider depends upon the progression of mastering skills.

Types of Feedback
Understanding different types of feedback can help enhance communication.

Mental Skills Level 3, 2002
International Coaching School, Mental Skills Level 3- 2002 by Tanya Berry

Fear Factor
Decision Training Confronts the "Fear Factor" in Sport
University of Calgary 2006, by Sonja Seyfort and Nancy Buzzell

Perception, Cognition, and Decision Training, and The Quiet Eye in Action
Dr Joan N. Vickers

Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif 2006 presentations

Warm-up and Warm Down

Show Rules and Show Strategy

Warm-up Ring Etiquette

Show Hack/Road Hack Rules 2012
Head neat, finely drawn and elegant. Mane must not be roached, may be braided;

Pre-Competition Strategy
What state of mind would you like to be in, What state of mind would you like your horse in.

Post Competition Evaluation
Post-Competition Evaluation of the actions taken by the rider

Ideal Performance State

Being Your Best Coach, by Dr Laura G. Farras
Mental Recovery and Regeneration Strategies for Coaches


Learning From The Leaders “The Interview"
Topic: Leading a Multifarious Political Process by Sonja Seyfort

Team Spirit Built From The Top
Team spirit is the catalyst every organization needs to achieve outstanding performance;

Yep, Life Will Burst Your Self Esteem Bubble
Andrea Sobel shudders at those oh-so-positive messages aimed at boosting kids' self-esteem.

"You" by Edgar Guest
You are the fellow that has to decide; Whether you'll do it or toss it aside.

Thriving, by Emma Frankenberger 2012

Sometimes When I Ride
Sometimes when I ride; I watch my shadow- by Kate Middleton

Portugal by Elaine Little
Women, have you thought about travelling alone to Portugal but have just not found the courage yet?

Health Issues

Coaching Association of Canada, Nutrition tips, Sodium for athletes

Stressing Good Health
If you were asked to rank the 10 most critical high school student health issues;

Product Review - Flash 5 Protein / Energy Bar

Product Review - Cliff Shot