Post-Competition Evaluation of the actions taken by the rider in preparing him/herself and the horse mentally, technical, tactical, and physical:

  • The week before competition

  • The day before the competition

  • The morning of competition

  • The warm-up before the competition

  • The performance

Include in the evaluation the log book mental skill assessments.

Keep a record in their log books of this evaluation


  • What was effective, what was not effective, what was missing/

  • Were there any life issues tha may have been a factor/

  • What performance goal changes had been integrated from the previous post-competition evaluation?

  • Did these performance goal changes improve their Ideal Performance State (IPS)

LOG BOOK entries should reflect:

  • The discussion

  • Any performance goal changes coming from this evaluation that are desired in the program before the next competition

  • When these changes would be best integrated

  • Also note performance goal changes from previous post-competition evaluations of the riders IPS that have been effective

This evaluations takes place at the practice session which follows the competition, usually within the following week.