Performance success for both horse and rider depends upon the progression of mastering skills.

1. perceiving
2. patterning

1 & 2.... movements occur in right order but not smooth

3. adapting
4. refining

3 & 4.... particular skill executed under changing conditions

5. vary
6. improvise

5, 6 & 7 performance situations

Define the skills required by horse / rider for the particular discipline or activity; competition hunter, jumpers, equitation or recreational jumping. Coach and rider can better understand which stage the horse & rider are with mastering the skills required.

Example of a few skills required for riding a Hunter course:


  • Stay in balance with rider

  • Develop physical co-ordination; technique for jumping, maintaining canter step between jumps, balance through corners, straightness

  • Understand communication of the various rider aids

  • Take off distances to jump

  • Concentration / attention

  • Problem solving

  • Memory retrieval, patterns

  • Create trust


  • Stay in balance with horse

  • Apply aids for communication to the horse

  • Feel for rhythm

  • Strategies: precision planning of pattern, corners, straight lines

  • Take off distances

  • Concentration / Attention

  • Problem solving

  • Anticipation

  • Memory retrieval

  • Create trust